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Illegal hydrant connections problematic for fire department, CPW

Laurens, S.C. – Illegal connections to fire hydrants have become a problem for the Laurens Fire Department and the Laurens Commission of Public Works. All hydrants inside the city limits are owned and maintained by the Laurens CPW for the exclusive use of the Laurens Fire Department.

It is illegal for anyone else to connect to a Laurens city fire hydrant. The reason for this is that if someone illegally connects to a hydrant, the fire department does not have access to that connection should a fire occur. Also, fire hydrants require special wrenches for opening and closing valves.

Valve stems are made of bronze and are easily damaged by unapproved wrenches, which may render the hydrants inoperable. In addition, by turning on a hydrant, it stirs up the water in the lines serving that area. This results in discolored water for the residents in that area. Since hydrants aren’t metered, this is also theft of water.

If you suspect water is being stolen from a fire hydrant, please call 864-681-4300 or 911.


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