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2 arrested as LCSO busts alleged puppy mill

Joyce Bynum

Rpbert F. Harrison

Tuesday afternoon, Anderson County PAWS put out a call for emergency foster homes for animals seized an alleged Enoree puppy mill in Laurens County.

“PAWS is assisting with a puppy mill seizure and need your assistance with foster homes for some of our current residents,” a PAWS social media post read.

Two people have been arrested on animal cruelty charges.

Joyce Elaine Bynum of Enoree and Robert Franklin Harrison of Enoree have both been charged with three counts of felony ill-treatment of animals with torture and nine counts of ill-treatment of animals.

One of the dogs seized at a puppy mill after a raid by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office.

Anderson County PAWS has assisted Laurens County Animal Control in similar situations in the past, and a PAWS trailer was on scene at the residence on Highway 221 in Enoree.

LCSO Pubic Information Officer Courtney Snow said 43 dogs – all of them Labrador Retrievers – have been seized at the residence since Monday.

“Upon arrival, deputies immediately noticed a female dog with significant hair loss and sores located in a pen without proper shelter along with her puppies,” a statement released Wednesday by the LCSO read. “Several other dogs were located in wire crates covered in feces with no food or water available to them. Deceased dogs were also discovered on the property.”

This is the second raid on a puppy mill in Laurens County in as many years.

Kennels at the alleged puppy mill in Enoree.

In 2020, Laurens County Animal Control seized 145 dogs from a puppy mill on Indian Mound Road in the Ware Shoals area of Laurens County. In addition to the dogs, over 100 other animals were seized, including cats, rabbits, ducks and chickens.

A mother and son were arrested in that case.

Further information on this week’s arrests and animal seizures was unavailable at press time. Follow developments on this and other stories on


  1. Mrs.Marian L Garrett on August 28, 2022 at 10:56 am

    I have the distinct pleasure of know Sheriff Don Reynolds personally through my Husband who train’s Belgian Malinos . I’m sick to my stomach seeing this! It is happening more & more Sheriff Don was literally sick to his stomach! I really feel our government is out of touch with these sick individuals as the punishment should fit the crime! It’s high time for real justice for the victims whether they be People or Animals.The true Animals are the criminals!

  2. Jeff H on September 12, 2022 at 12:17 pm

    If you don’t make a example of these thugs, people will continue to do this! There needs to be a animal cruelty offender registration! So they can never own a pet.

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