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Some precincts adjusted for March 2 municipal elections

The last day for absentee voting in the March 2 Municipal Elections is Monday, March 1, and the office of Voter Registration and Elections will be open through 5 p.m. for that purpose.

Several council seats are up for grabs, and particularly in Clinton and Laurens incumbents face opposition.

Several precincts have been adjusted, but most of the voters within the town and city limits will be able to vote as usual.

“Laurens 6 voters who voted at Laurens Elementary School in November will be voting at the Laurens County Library this time, and in Gray Court eligible voters in Owings will vote at Gray Court Town Hall,” said Lynne West, the director of Laurens County Voter Registration and Elections. “Clinton voters who usually vote at Bell Street School or at Westminster Presbyterian will vote at the Clinton YMCA.”

For more information call 864- 984-4431.

“For municipal elections, voter turnout is based on who’s running and if the seats are contested,” said West.

Anyone who would like to vote absentee Monday can do so as long as they meet the criteria set forth on A change from last year is that the State of Emergency, the pandemic, is no longer a reason to vote absentee.

Being over 65, employment schedules, being away at college, having a disability or attending to someone who is sick are among the many reasons which still allow for absentee voting.

Absentee ballots must arrive at or be brought to the Voter Registration office sometime before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 2, and 5 p.m. March 1 is the last opportunity to cast a vote as a walk-in absentee voter. The office is located downstairs in the Historic Courthouse, downtown Laurens.

For those municipal residents in Clinton, Cross Hill, Gray Court, Laurens and Waterloo, West said the polls will be open Tuesday, March 2, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., but there are several important precinct changes due to the low numbers of qualified voters in certain precincts.

On the ballot in the March 2 municipal elections are the following:

Laurens City Council contested and uncontested races, including Seat 1 where council member Marian Miller will face Phillip McClintock and Joe Lovin for her seat; Seat 2 where council member Alicia Sullivan faces Wayne G. Neal and Faith Woodruff; and Seat 4 where council member Sara Latimore is unopposed.

For the Laurens Commission of Public Works, Ulysses Cunningham from District 1 and District 2 Commissioner Gerald Abercrombie are both running unopposed.

Two City of Clinton council members will face opposition in the March 2 election. Seat 1 city council member Danny Cook faces Henry Anderson and Ricky D. Martin, and Seat 5 council member Ronnie Roth will face Mitch Meadors.

Seat 3 Council Member Robbie Neal faces no opposition.

For the Town of Cross Hill election, Mayor Randy Bishop is unopposed and the candidates for the four at-large council seats up for election are Charles Bartee, David Coleman, Connie Jester and Beverly L. Jones.

In the Town of Gray Court, candidates for the two at-large council seats are Joy Craine and Millie Dawkins.

Town of Waterloo Mayor Barbara Smith faces no opposition and candidates for the two at-large council seats include Murry Jones and Curtis J. Todd.

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