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CHS student airlifted from campus after medical emergency

A Clinton High School student was airlifted by helicopter from campus Tuesday afternoon following a medical emergency.

The student went into cardiac arrest, but Clinton High staff and responding emergency personnel used an automatic external defibrillator (AED) to help stabilize the student prior to him being transported to Prisma Greenville Memorial Hospital.

Laurens County District 56 Superintendent David O’Shields, who was teaching a class at the high school at the time of the emergency, said the student was responding to emergency measures before being transported.

“I have much-deserved appreciation for faculty and staff who responded as quickly and knowledgeably as they did in this situation,” O’Shields said, noting also that the situation prior to the life-saving efforts of staff and EMS were “bleak for a time.”

O’Shields said District 56 has purchased AEDs and has them placed at strategic locations at all of its schools, praising the efforts of Cindy Coker, the district’s coordinator of special programs who has purchased additional AEDs for each school.

“We’re very grateful for the technology to assist us in situations that may arise and for the people who train and can utilize those tools,” O’Shields said. “We have those (AED) units in place, and Cindy Coker has been the one who has maintained and expanded our utility of those devices.”

O’Shields also said staff and medical personnel were encouraged by the student’s condition when he was airlifted from the Clinton High track/practice field to Greenville.

“We’re continuing to lift up the student and his family in prayer,” O’Shields said.

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