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Record totals for COVID-19 in S.C., 269 in Laurens County

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 continued to rise across the state this past week, nearby Greenville is requiring that masks be worn in some establishments, and the state’s top infectious disease official urged South Carolinians to take public health precautions.

The state set new records for single-day confirmed cases several times over the past week as statewide totals grew to 26,572 with 673 deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Single-day totals surpassed 1,000 twice over the past week, including 1,157 cases reported by the state Department of Health and Environmental Control Saturday.

DHEC reported 890 new cases Tuesday as Laurens County’s total grew to 269 with 14 new confirmed cases.

On Friday, DHEC Epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell released a statement urging South Carolinians to exercise caution as the state has opened almost completely to commerce and other activities.

“Every one of us has a role to play in stopping COVID-19. This virus does not spread on its own. It’s spread around our state by infected people who carry it wherever they go – their work, the supermarket, the post office, a friend’s house. By not following public health precautions, many are putting all at risk.

The Greenville City Council voted unanimously Monday to approve an ordinance requiring that masks be worn in grocery stores and pharmacies. Greenville leads the state in confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus with 3,670 confirmed cases and more than 750 over the past week.

State and local officials have acknowledged that increases in testing have played a role in increased numbers, but have also continued to urge state residents to continue social distancing and other precautions as the disease continues to spread at a rapid pace across the state.

DHEC is also continuing to offer free testing in different areas, including from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. today (Wednesday) at Clinton High School.

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  1. Janet Brown on June 24, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    I think wearing a mask in public should be mandatory in S.C. because the young people drifting from place to place and person to person are spreading the virus. They do not practice social distancing because they just don’t care. I see people in all the stores and they don’t have on mask or practice social distancing.. They may be young but NOBODY is immune to this Virus and if they can’t think of themselves or others they should at least think of the children and people that are high risk like I am. I wear a mask religiously..and use hand sanitizer and wear gloves when I pump gas. I say start fining the people who doesn’t care. Nobody likes to pay a fine, when they can spend the money on their selfish selves. I live in Laurens County and it’s getting worse every minute. If they’d put into law mask or stay home maybe we can get a st this. But we need to all work together on this and pray God takes it away. Standing United not divided, on all precautions would save ALOT of lives. What I see in Laurens County makes me mad and sad because people just don’t care. All of S.C. is a breeding ground for the virus, again because some people are just too selfish and conceited to care. In my opinion it all comes down to the almighty dollar..Well you can’t take it with you when you’re dead.

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