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Owner offers reward for missing mini horse

A reward for a miniature horse that went missing from a Fountain Inn farm this past week has been increased if the tiny horse named Pikachu is found alive and well.

Pikachu, a two-month-old colt, disappeared from Hidden Pasture Farms during the overnight hours of Tuesday, June 4 and Wednesday, June 5.

Her owner, Kate Nichols is desperate to get her back. The reward she offered up soon after Pikachu disappeared has been increased from $1,000 to $1,250. Though Nichols has not ruled out the possibility that a natural predator took the miniature horse, she believes a more human element to be involved.

“I really feel in my heart that she was stolen,” Nichols said. “Until I see proof that she is dead, I’m going to do everything I can to find her. … I want to appeal to whoever may have taken her, the reward I’m offering for her is more than they will ever get if she is sold.”

But Nichols also admitted that time is of the essence for the filly. Pikachu was still nursing from her mother when she disappeared.

“If she doesn’t get the proper formula, then she will die of starvation,” Nichols said Monday. “If they’re going to try and keep her for a year and grow her out, she won’t survive on hay and water. They’re going to spend a lot of money of grain and formula.”

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation into the missing horse, but Nichols and a group of friends continue to work to find the pony.

“We’re pursuing all the possibilities,” she said. “We’ve been to different feed stores. We’ve had people come in and search with drone technology. Our neighbors and friends have searched, and we’ve knocked on every single door in the neighborhood.”

Nichols said the other mini horses at Hidden Pasture Farms were extremely agitated and upset after Pikachu’s disappearance. They have since calmed down a little, but the filly’s two best friends in the herd – Rainy and Sully – are still calling out for her, Nichols said.

Pikachu is a blond or fawn-colored miniature horse and stands about five hands – about 18 inches – tall, and she has a band of white around her midsection. She still weighs less than 50 pounds. She has white stockings and a splash of white on her shoulders.

Nichols and her miniature horses appear at children’s parties, farmer’s markets and other events, sometimes wearing unicorn horns while they bring smiles to area children.

“I know that sounds silly, but I love these horses, and I love sharing them,” she said.

Nichols said most miniature horses like Pikachu are sold at auction for around $50. Those from richer pedigrees can be sold for around $900, she said.

“If somebody took her, and it was driven by money, it’s a poor plan,” Nichols said. “The only person in the world this horse is worth $1,000 to is me.”

Anyone with information on the missing pony can contact the LCSO at 864-984-4967 or by calling or texting Nichols at 864-477-9284.

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