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LCSO seeking suspect in animal cruelty case

“Courage,” a pit bull, is recovering at the Clinton Animal Hospital after being nearly starved to death in a wooded area near Gray Court.

Deputies from the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office are seeking a Gray Court man in connection with a case of animal cruelty.

“Courage,” a pit bull terrier mix, was found by deputies in response to a call from a person in the Carriage Farms Court area of Gray Court. The dog was found nearly starved to death and seized by Laurens County Animal Control.

The LCSO has issued an arrest warrant for Michael Christopher Yeargin of Foothills Trail in Gray Court and were seeking his whereabouts Tuesday afternoon.

According to a release from the LCSO, the dog, which has been named “Courage” by LCAC officers, was found in a wooded area tied with a log chain. “Courage” was severely dehydrated and almost starved to death.

He was taken to the Clinton Animal Hospital, where he has received fluids and blood transfusions. In addition to starvation, the dog has severe cases of hookworms, roundworms and is riddled with other parasites.

Michael Yeargin

“He’s just fighting for his life,” said Clinton Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. Julie James in a video posted to Facebook by the LCAC.

A Facebook group called “Heart of LCAC” has raised more than $2,000 for his care. According to Facebook posts, Courage began eating small amounts of food Tuesday, but “was not out of the woods yet.”

The plight of “Courage” was discovered just more than a week after Champ, a 16-month-old mastiff mix ended his treatment at a Columbia emergency vet and moved to a foster home. Champ was found nearly starved to death in Laurens by a woman allegedly seeking revenge against her ex-boyfriend, who was the dog’s owner, by not giving the tethered dog food or water for a month.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Yeargin is asked to call the LCSO at 864-984-4967 or leave an anonymous tip through Crimestoppers at 864-68-CRIME.


  1. Kim on September 14, 2018 at 3:53 am

    This has got to stop! People abusing these animals like they’re a piece of cr**! I’ll print out wanted posters and place them in the area I live in because he needs to pay for this! I feel the rescue groups should sue the person responsible to this and have them pay for the vet bills, medication, etc. But you know animals show more humanity than some people on earth. There’s even another article today where someone found a dog with a bullet wound in the face and acid thrown on his back. The justice system is not punishing these idiots enough to think twice about it. I pray to God I don’t see anyone doing this! Vigilante justice should come back!

  2. Rena Van Steele on September 17, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    This is a piece of garbage of a human being. He must go to jail. He must suffer. This is far too prevalent to ignore and let these monsters go free. People are screaming at our pathetic judicial system to do something and stop pretending this is not a normal occurrence. It happens every day and I am sick of it. If there is no deterrent, this will not stop. It only continues because of the pathetic so called lawmakers and law upholders allowing and condones this kind of activity by not prosecuting these monsters over and over and over again. Do your jobs!

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