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1 year x 4: Laurens quads celebrate first birthday

Laurens, S.C. – What better way to represent how far their babies have come than to picture them with photos from one short year ago, when Dylan and Ashley Hernandez of Laurens were spending their days in the Self Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and welcoming prayers for their four premature babies. On Saturday they…

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Laurens family gets four times the joy with safe delivery of quads

A  young Laurens family is experiencing plenty of  joy after the safe delivery of quadruplets, which were delivered by C-section around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday night, Jan. 30. Dylan and Ashley Hernandez welcomed two little girls and two little boys, named Jacobi, Gabriel, Isabella and Arianah. The quads already have two big sisters. After some early labor scares…

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Expected quads doing well, growing

A Laurens family expecting quadruplets is doing everything they can to keep the babies growing and thriving before their anticipated delivery possibly later this month. Dylan and Ashley Hernandez of Laurens learned during the summer that instead of expecting one anticipated baby, they’d be having four. After some early labor scares, her physicians admitted Ashley into…

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Surprise quads have Laurens family expecting four times the blessing

Laurens, SC – Like many expectant families, Dylan and Ashley Hernandez are excited as they anticipate the new addition to their family, but this young Laurens family will be doubling their household as they are expecting quadruplets, possibly within the next couple of weeks. “It’s exiting and terrifying at the same time,” said Ashley, as…

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