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Power outage

Friday evening storm damage reported across county

Story updated: 9:45 p.m. Laurens County SC – Friday evening’s storm came through much of Laurens County quickly, taking down trees and power lines throughout the county. Trees were down on Laurens’ East Main Street,and City of Laurens crews were clearing trees downtown in the historic downtown areas. Trees were down and power outages were reported in outlying areas…

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City of Clinton offers Warming Station for residents impacted by Thursday’s power outage

Clinton, SC  – City of Clinton Electrical crews have been working since 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning, Jan. 18, to restore power to parts of Clinton due to problems associated with an equipment failure in the city’s substation. Crews have been able to reduce outage numbers significantly; however, the remainding outages in the southwest part of the city are…

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Snake’s demise causes Clinton outages

A snake in a Gary Street substation in Clinton had an unfortunate end late Tuesday night and it took out the power for much of the city in the process, according to Dale Satterfield, the director of the Department of Public Works for the City of Clinton. “We had an outage about 11:15 Tuesday night,…

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