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Mike Pitts

Senate hearings lead Pitts to withdraw from potential directorship

Laurens County, S.C. – Deep into a controversial confirmation process in Columbia,  retired District 14 Rep. Mike Pitts has decided to withdraw his name from consideration as director of the South Carolina Conservation Bank. “It is painfully clear that my health is being negatively affected, and the stress of the confirmation process will not subside,” Pitts said.…

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State District 14 Rep. Mike Pitts announces retirement

District 14 South Carolina Rep. Mike Pitts of Laurens has announced his retirement from the state legislature, citing advice from his physicians following an October heart attack and ensuing surgery. Pitts, who was re-elected to office after running unopposed in November’s General Election, sent a release to news media mid-afternoon Sunday, and offered it as a Facebook…

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Controversy ensues from legislator’s school district consolidation bills

Laurens County, SC – South Carolina Rep. Mike Pitts’ bills regarding financial oversight of the school budget and consolidation of the two primary school districts in Laurens County sailed through the South Carolina House in Columbia Thursday morning, surprising at least some of the local lawmakers and blindsiding members of local school boards and district…

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