Fruit gaze 2 (1) Laurens County Library viewerBy John Clayton, Advertiser Historic U10 Arrives Grand Prix Interior 1930s era Pontiac Bandit Goat Row Cruise-In Cruise-In Eclipse Moon Pie , Clinton Elementaryby District 56 staff MOON Pie2 Moon pie3 CHS faculty member Eddie Rominesby District 56 staff Making Movies Looking Up Eclipse phases, by Mike Cole, Cold Point Incoming.Photo by Sophia Swidey, Boston, from Laurens Artist's Coop. Eclipse, photo by Sophia Swidey of Boston, Laurens Artists Coop. Maria Mersman black out (1) Hospital-2 Maria-1 Maria 3 Maria 2 Laurens panarama (1) Eclipse-King's picture-small happy couple (1) King 2 Eclipse-corona-me. Look Up Eclipse,Photo Reuben Bloom of Charlotte, in downtown Laurens Snacking gazer by Reuben Bloom, Charlotte, at Laurens Historic Square, Laurens
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