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Bradford Pear Bounty set for March 30 in Clinton

Clinton, South CarolinaLaurens County property owners will have four opportunities to participate in the Bradford Pear Bounty tree exchange on March 30.
The Bradford Pear Bounty program is a collaboration between the South Carolina Forestry Commission and Clemson Extension. It aims to educate landowners about the devastating impact invasive-exotic plants such as Bradford pears have on forests and promotes the use of native trees in the urban landscape. The event is an opportunity for South Carolina homeowners to remove Bradford pears from their property and replace them with native trees. 
Property owners who pre-register can exchange up to five Bradford pear trees for an equal number of free native replacement trees. In exchange for their free native trees, landowners must bring a photo of them with their cut down tree(s) to the event.
Bradford pear’s uniform shape, profuse white flowers and bright red fall foliage have made it a much-planted ornamental throughout the Southeast. While the trees were thought to be sterile, they began to cross pollinate and produce abundant amounts of fruit that were spread by birds, contributing to one of the worst invasive plant species in the Southeast – the callery pear.
This is the fifth year that organizers have held the Bradford Pear Bounty event. The inaugural giveaway was held in Clemson in February 2020.

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