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Former statewide preservationist seeks national office in SC 3rd district

Michael Bedenbaugh of Prosperity SC, realtor, property developer and former President and Executive Director of Preservation South Carolina, will be campaigning for Jeff Duncan’s seat in the SC 3rd district for the House of Representatives as an independent. Mike recognizes that the nation has gone off course and is in need of drastic change in governance. Inspired by the work of Rev. Martin Luther as well as George Washington’s farewell address, Mike created and published his 95 Theses for a Free Republic online on October 31, 2023 in hopes it would inspire Americans to push back on a corrupted political system in America.

The policy goals he will pursue are pulled from his 95 Theses. Below is an excerpt of some of the most important theses listed by themes:

Country Before Party

A candidate for political office can only accept funds from individual citizens qualified to vote for them. (22)

A candidate for political office should be subject to term limits. (23)

Elected members of Congress should not get a government backed employment pension from public service. They can receive Social Security like the rest of us. (25)

Amend the 17th amendment so the Senate can return to its original constitutional role as representing state governments. (31)

The districts of members of the House of Representatives should be reduced in size (32)

No elected official can leave elected office and work in any “position of influence” with a Board of Trustees or be employed as a lobbyist for a period equal to his/her time in office. (33)

Foreign Policy

President cannot send military troops into the domain of a foreign nation without a formal declaration of war by the House of Representatives. (60)

Initiate plans to phase out the presence of a standing army in foreign lands. (63)

Military training at 18 years of age for qualified citizens (64)

Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility

It is painfully evident the National Government has lost the discipline necessary to manage the funds it automatically collects from our paychecks. A radical change is needed to ensure we are not permanently and irreparably damaged by our addiction to spending and current and ever-growing debt burden.

Amend the 16th amendment to create a federal income tax only to fund the investment necessitated by a formal declaration of war by the House of Representatives. (76)

Property taxes should be eradicated in lieu of sales tax on products produced from property and property sales. (81)

What We Should Do To Limit Corporate Hegemony

Amend the 14th amendment to read Natural Persons. (88)

Establishment of, and rigid enforcement of, antitrust laws in both the State and National marketplace with prioritized focus on media and medical conglomerates. (89)

Prohibit any candidate or holder of federal or state elected office, or, any person who holds a regulatory position with state or federal government, from investing in publicly held corporations. (95)

To read more about Mike’s campaign, visit and

Mike looks forward to serving the people of South Carolina and representing his constituency in Pickens/Oconee/Anderson/Abbeville/McCormick/Greenwood/Laurens/Newberry/Saluda/Edgefield/lower Greenville County

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