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‘Homegrown Showcase’ set for Feb. 16-17 at Capitol Theatre

Twenty-two musical acts will take the stage over two nights Feb. 16-17 at the Capitol Theatre in Laurens as part of the third annual Homegrown Songwriter Showcase.

The event is presented by the City of Laurens and among the first at the Capitol, which is now owned and operated by the city.

While the two-night showcase is not billed as a talent competition, a future performance at the city’s annual FreedomFest – held each July 3 – will be on the line and decided by crowd response.

“Each act is going to get have a 15-minute set – enough time to get your vibe across and let the crowd know what you can do,” said Hunter Holmes, a local musician and head of recreation and grants for the City of Laurens.

He will be among 11 performers to take the stage on Friday night. Other performers will be coming from around the Upstate and Lakelands, including Abbeville, Greenwood and Greenville.

The Clinton-based band, Wasperjaws, is set to play on Saturday.

Holmes said performers went through an application process to play the short sets at the 140-seat venue.

“I think it’s going to be extremely refreshing for a lot of them to get to play to an actual music-room audience,” he said. “I’m certainly not above being background music in a bar, but it is nice when people are there to listen and you can form a mental and emotional connection with the audience.”

Holmes also said ticket sales have been brisk. Tickets are $5 each for general admission and $34.99 each for premium seating. Tickets can be purchased online at

Homegrown Showcase

(in order of appearance)

Feb. 16: Diane George, Jessica Ticko, Marty Cann, Tim Matthews, Brad Dixon, Hunter Holmes, Surrender Cobra, Bad Weather States, Fred Engler, Brooks Dixon, Thomas James.

Feb. 17: Billy Dalton, Nicole Marie Quinn, Hard Candy Paranoia, Catriona Sturton, Russ Fitzgerald, The DOVES, Darby Wilcox, Steve and Kohl Raines, Wasperjaws, Jake Sprinkle, Jackson Truluck.

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