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Laurens nightclub ordered shut down for lapsed business license

Laurens, South Carolina – Recent shootings and numerous arrests at Topic Lounge, located at 1605 W Main St, Laurens, has drawn additional scrutiny from the City of Laurens, which discovered the business owner has failed to renew his business license.
In a certified letter dated Jan. 8, 2024 to the owner, Xavier Pulley,  Laurens City Clerk Leslie Mattison explained that the Laurens Police Department has responded to the nightclub more than 25 times in the last 13 months, most recently arresting four individuals, adults and juveniles, for shootings that took place in the parking lot on Dec. 29.
It’s this long-running list of complaints which attracted the city’s attention beyond the police department.
“These incidents include serious matters, such as attempted murder, with shootings occurring both inside and outside the premises on three separate occasions,” the letter stated. “Additionally, there have been instances involving domestic violence, drug-related activities, parking issues, traffic congestion, driving under the influence and multiple violations of noise ordinances.”
LPD responded to shootings in March, November and again on Friday, Dec. 29 – the latter of which resulted in the arrest of adults and juveniles and adding to the many incidents drawing the LPD to the night spot.
The business license for Topic Lounge was found to have expired on April, 30, 2023, the letter said, and Pulley “must cease all business activities immediately.”
Mattison explained that each day it operates without a valid business license is a separate violation of the city’s business license ordinance, and potential penalties for each violation of “a $500 fine and up to 30 days in jail.”

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