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ROTR back with great crowds and Clinton’s Got Talent

Naylah Campechano, Isabella Agnew and Taylor Alexander won first, third and second places, respectively, in last weekend’s Clinton’s Got Talent, held last weekend during the city’s annual Rhythm on the Rails festival.

The 2023 version of Rhythm on the Rails had great crowds and great music, and with a ton of work by city staff, Clinton’s community event planner Dianne Wyatt was very pleased with the results.

“Friday had especially good crowds,” Wyatt said. “A lot of people came out to support everyone at Clinton’s Got Talent, and we knew that Clinton is already known for loving beach music, so everybody had a great time at Swingin’ Medallions.”

By the end of the next day on Saturday, Wyatt said the vendors had nothing but good things to say, and the musical guests did a great job.

The city appreciated CNNGA’s sponsorship, Wyatt said, and used that to cover the cost of rides for the children, and many families were able to ride their favorites over and over.

Clinton’s Got Talent brought a lot of attention to the performers, Wyatt said. Pitts Music Studio in Clinton provided backup music and equipment, and she added that the five local judges had a tough time selecting the winners.

Sponsored in part by USC Union at Laurens County, which is now located at Bell Street, the significant cash prizes of $$1,000, $500 and $300 came as a surprise to its winners.

First place winner, Naylah Campechano won first with “At Last” by Etta James, and Isabella Agnew won Third place with “One Last Time” from Hamilton. Both of them are 14 years old.

Second place was won by Taylor Alexander, who performed “Between an Old Memory and Me.”

“We’re glad we had a chance to bring back Clinton’s Got Talent,” Wyatt said. “Everyone got a lot of support.”

On Saturday morning, The Wildlife Geeks presented a program for an audience of children and adults with unusual animals from numerous countries, from a bearded dragon, an African bullfrog which sleeps beneath the ground to fluffy guinea pigs.



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