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Senn elected to second term as Laurens mayor

Voters in the City of Laurens elected Mayor Nathan Senn to a second term in a run-off election Tuesday.

Senn defeated challenger Randy Garrett, who advanced to the run-off with 34% of the March 7 vote, trailing Senn, who had 40% of the vote in what was then a three-way race with City Council- woman Alicia Sullivan.

In Tuesday’s special election, those numbers held for Senn, who carried 54% of the vote to Garrett’s 46%.

Senn won the run-off by exactly 100 votes – 663-563.

“Tonight was a victory for the City of Laurens,” Senn said.

The two weeks leading into the run-off became increasingly tense on both sides.

“I think this was a victory for decency,” Senn said. “I’m really proud of the positive campaign we ran and of all the people who not only believe in me but in the City of Laurens.”

Those people turned out in numbers during the three full days of early voting this past week, proving to be pivotal in Senn’s victory with 228 early votes going to Senn (61.3%) and 143 for Garrett (38.4%).

Garrett said he was disappointed in the outcome but proud of his campaign and the people who worked with him during the election.

“I’m disappointed that I disappointed all the supporters and helpers I had during the election. . . . I’m humbled by the support I got,” Garrett said. “I appreciate it so much, and I owe those people and want to stay involved and continue to push forward with my agenda.”

Counting the early votes, Senn carried five of Laurens’ six precincts, winning decisively in District 5 (271-219) and District 1 (90-52). District 2 (28-27), District 4 (35-30), and District 6 (201-186) also went to Senn.

Garrett carried District 3 by 11 votes, 49-38.

“Some of the precincts didn’t come in like we thought they would,” said Garrett, who focused on developing Laurens as a whole beyond the downtown area during the campaign. “I’m disappointed in the outcome, but not in the race we ran.”

Garrett, 67, said he may not be done with local politics and could run for office again.

Senn said in 2019 after winning his first mayoral election that the first order of business was to clean up some of Laurens’ littered streets and areas.

Now, he said turning his attention to proposed developments in Watts Mill and other areas of the city are at the top of his list for his second term.

“We look forward to moving forward with the projects at Watts Mill and beyond Watts Mill, ensuring that the entire city shares in our new prosperity.”

Senn will be sworn in to a second term of office, along with city councilors Johnnie Bolt, Martin Lowry and Cassandra Campbell, at tonight’s city council meeting

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