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Randall returns; Senn, Garrett head to run-off

Mayor Nathan Senn

***Story updated to show that early voting begins Wednesday, March 15.

Incumbent Nathan Senn and challenger Randy Garrett still have campaigning left to do for the Laurens mayoral election while Clinton voters brought back a familiar face to lead the city.

Randy Randall, who served as  Clinton’s mayor a decade ago, was elected to the office once again after a long absence from local politics.

Senn (565 votes) and Garrett (474 votes) emerged from a three-way race that also included city councilwoman Alicia Sullivan (370 votes).

Neither Senn, who is seeking a second term, nor Garrett were able to reach the 50% plus-one threshold to avoid a run-off.

The run-off election is scheduled for Tuesday, March 21. Early voting will open at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 15.

Senn finished with 40% of the vote, Garrett with 34% and Sullivan with 26%.

Randy Garrett

“We’re going to try and answer as many questions from the people as we can, and let them know the plan for the next four years,” Senn said. “As King Dixon used to say, onward and upward.”

Garrett said he was pleased with the showing and was aiming for a run-off.

“I feel pretty good,” Garrett said. “We accomplished our goal, and that was to get to a run-off. We’re going to have to work hard the next two weeks to get the voters back out, and we’re going to work hard.”

Randall served as Clinton’s mayor from 2003-13 and was on city council from 1993-2003.

“I’m glad it’s over, and I’m looking forward to working with everybody,” Randall said. “It was very nice that we don’t have a run-off.”

Randall (407 votes)  defeated councilman Ronnie Roth (147 votes) and local businessman Leonard Pitts (104 votes) for his second stint as mayor.

Randall also said there will be no hard feelings between himself and Roth, who will return to his Ward 5 council seat.

Randy Randall

“We have been friends for years,” Randall said. “I’ve already spoken with Ronnie, and I know we’ll get along fine.”

In Laurens City Council races, veteran councilman Johnnie Bolt won his re-election bid against challenger Jeremy Hudson with nearly 70% of the vote (244-109).

Three council seats in Clinton were contested.

In Ward 2, Anita Williams  captured 58% of the vote in a four-way race against Shaquille Harp, Ken Turner and Reginald Vance.

Veteran councilman Gary Kuykendall was easily re-elected in Ward 6 with 66% of the vote against Vernon McCall and Stewart Owens.

Incumbent Megan Walsh won a second term for Ward 6, narrowly defeating Andy Howard with 55 votes to Howard’s 52.

In Gray Court, Mayor Stellartean Jones survived a wite-in campaign that garnered 41 votes for challenger Billy Pearson. Jones won with 56 votes (57%).

Original story ran Page 1, Wednesday, March 8, 2023.


  1. Bill Clasko on March 8, 2023 at 7:43 am

    Well it seems we have a story of two elections.
    One, how things went down in Clinton. Where OLD money got to recycle who they wanted for mayor in some hope of bringing back ” better days” for their neighborhoods and families while simultaneously denying those OTHERS who wanted change on city council the option via meandering, CONFUSING precinct lines.
    “Nothing” is meant to really change in Clinton. By DESIGN!
    Congratulations on the other hand to Laurens Citizenry for EXERCISING their vote to demand real change. They will get to decide March 21st between a path of pouring countless more millions into the incumbent’s solitary “dream” of turning a decaying square into a Disneyland Downtown tourist trap or another with the COMMON SENSE interests of ALL of Laurens and its citizenry at hand!
    I myself pray Laurentians choose “common sense”.

  2. Kirk W. on March 9, 2023 at 4:11 pm

    We bought a home in Laurens because of the revitalization of the downtown square. We appreciate the downtown restaurants and activities. Its a nice family atmosphere that our children and grandchildren can enjoy.

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