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Alicia Latrina Sullivan announces candidacy for Mayor of the City of Laurens

My name is Alicia Latrina Sullivan and I’m running for Mayor of the City of Laurens.

I’ve served as a councilwoman since 2016 for District 2, I’m serving as chair of the Laurens County Democratic Party since 2017. I’m a graduate from Emerge and Clyburn fellowship class of 2022 cohort 7. I helped organize the SC Black Municipal Caucus where I’m currently serving as secretary.

I’m running for Mayor to improve livability for the poor, middle class and wealthy by developing resources to bridge and uplift the people of Laurens. Developers, citizens, tourists, poor, middle class and the wealthy can all live and exist in our city with dignity and respect! We need new leadership with a holistic view, respect for all classes of citizens, who will provide transparency to councilmembers and residents.

I’m a graduate of Laurens District 55 Public Schools and a 2007 graduate of Greenville Technical College with a associate degree in occupational therapy. In 2011 I launched Sullivan Healthcare Specialists LLC where I provided occupational therapy services to healthcare facilities within SC. I was able to land contracts with the Greenville Health System, Greenwood regional rehab, and NHC providing nursing, PT and OT services. In 2013 I employed three part-time occupational therapy assistants, two part-time Occupational Therapists, two Physical Therapists and two nurses within the upper and lower state of SC. After the effects of covid-19 I repositioned my therapy business to focus on pediatric services in a partnership with SC BabyNet. In addition, I am the owner of Dial Enterprises LLC, a rental property business that I began with my own funds to invest in neglected neighborhoods in Laurens County.

During my term on council, I have made proposals and created initiatives to improve the livability for citizens residing in the city of Laurens to include:

  • An initiative for senior citizens to receive home repair aid by galvanizing funds from the Rural Grant 504 program
  • A community clean up initiative in partnership with Laurens Probation and Parole
  • Neighborhood fundraisers to revitalize historical neighborhoods
  • An initiative to celebrate local black history
  • Introduced a policy for identifying historic locations within the city of Laurens which birthed the Back Street Park
  • Introduced a first-time home buyer/down payment assistance program for essential workers to help transition them into affordable housing
  • A ban the box ordinance to decrease the issue of recidivism.

My belief is Christianity-

My journey as a Christian began as a child at Rocky Springs Baptist Church where Reverend Richardson baptized me. As an adult I migrated to White Plains Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Johnny L. Johnson Jr. During my time at WPBC my spirit grew tremendously, this is where I identified my spiritual gifts of helping others, administration, and evangelism. I found my purpose on earth as a public servant. After Covid-19 the Lord led me to further my Christian journey at Refuge of Worship under the leadership of Bishop Goggin, where I’m learning the meaning of worship and walking boldly in my faith. As a public servant my number one duty is to do the will of God by allowing him to continue to guide me in leadership just as he has done for me as a council member for the past six years.

As Mayor I will support ways to prevent residents from being displaced from their homes and communities by introducing a city ordinance that would establish a first right of refusal which will give residents and community-based organizations the first right to purchase a home within our community. This will allow our seniors to age in place with dignity and maintain authenticity within our historic community. I will provide ways to expand recreational resources to invite activities throughout our city. I will find ways to help improve start-up resources for small businesses as they are vital to our community. I will continue the revitalization efforts of the square. Leadership involves providing pathways to promote people to progression by identifying resources to empower basic human livability for all classes of citizens!

As Mayor, I will:

  • Improve- inclusive livability,
  • Promote- transitional resources, and
  • Support- economic development.

Early Voting begins Monday, February 20, 2023 and lasts until March 3, 2023. To cast your vote early, please visit The Laurens Election Commission Office located on Bolt Drive (the old Winn Dixie).

Election Day is Tuesday March 7, 2023.

If you are unable to cast your vote early, please vote for Alicia Latrina Sullivan at your assigned precinct (listed below) on Election Day- March 7, 2023.

Laurens 1- Springfield Baptist Church

Laurens 2- CPW Training Center

Laurens 3- The Ridge at Laurens

Laurens 4- Evening Light Church of God

Laurens 5-Laurens County Library

Laurens 6-Laurens Elementary


  1. Brian Gearin on January 17, 2023 at 1:04 pm

    I was very impressed by your bio Ms. Sullivan. My wife (Sandy) and I (Brian) would love to vote for you for Mayor, however, we live in Fountain Inn (actually on the border of Laurens County). We would love to know how we might help you in becoming Mayor. You can reach out to us by way of my email (above). Thank you for your commitment to the LORD and the people of Laurens.

  2. Gwendolyn Lockett on January 29, 2023 at 2:58 pm

    The last time I saw you was at the democratic Christmas party in 2021. It was a pleasure to see and I wish you much success in the forth coming election. Hoping you will continue to support the senior program at the Ridge.

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