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Our History is Our Story: The Hunters Court Community

Dateline, Laurens, South Carolina

Hunters Court Community is fighting to stay in place! Our community is the foundation of our existence. This community started back in the 1950’s and many of our community members have been living here since the creation. Most families have at least five generations within the Hunters Court Community. Children and families will be heavily impacted by the actions of the City of Laurens, and we are doing everything to promote staying power while preserving our history in the process.

We have been raising money to keep our community up without the help of the city. In 2016, we raised money to restore a fence within the community that was dilapidated. In 2021, we began our Historic Entrance Signage Project, where all the families worked collaboratively to fund the fruition of this project. On April 30, 2022, we had a revealing ceremony unveiling the Hunter’s Court Memorial Entrance Signs which commemorated the many families in the community. The memorial signs are composed of 68 bricks which represents the families of the Historic Hunter’s Court Community. We have been supporting ourselves to revitalize our community ourselves. Our ongoing efforts has pushed us to create a movement in the name of our community.

On September 6, 2022, we have collectively formalized our efforts and filed to become a nonprofit organization. We are now known as the Historic Hunters Court Committee, led by our president, Mr. Joseph Lyons. Our mission is to reclaim, revitalize, and restore our neighborhood to promote a healthier more equitable environment to live in and prevent community displacement.

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