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Pitts finalist for Greenwood 52 superintendent job

David Pitts

The Greenwood School District 52 Board of Trustees is seeking a new superintendent for the second time in four years, and David Pitts, assistant superintendent for Laurens District 56 is once again a finalist for the post.

Pitts was among three finalists named this past week by Greenwood District 52. He was also a finalist in 2017 when the board selected then Ninety Six principal Rex Ward, who is now retiring, for the job.

Along with Pitts, the finalists also include Beth Taylor, executive director of secondary education for Greenwood District 50, and John Tharp, school and district administrator for Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Pitts is also a former Laurens County Councilman and was chairman of county council in 2019-20. According to his LinkedIn profile, Pitts has been with District 56 for over 24 years and has been assistant superintendent since 2005.

District 52 board members are looking to hire a new superintendent by the spring of 2022.

Dr. Bryan Green, Vice Chairman of the Board, presided over the meeting and said, “Hiring a Superintendent is one of the most important functions of an effective school board. While we’ll certainly miss Dr. Ward’s leadership, I can say with confidence that the three final candidates raise the bar for the students in our beloved community,” said Dr. Bryan Green, vice chairman of the District 52 board. “I’m excited to continue engaging in the hiring process and look forward to learning more about each finalist and what they can bring to our District.”

The board is expected to host a meet-and-greet for the finalists in January following the winter break.

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