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Clinton Police arrest man with self-inflicted gunshot

Clinton Police arrested a Laurens man Monday evening after the suspect apparently shot himself in the leg following a domestic violence call and short car chase that ended on AB Jacks Road.

Tommy Richard Brown, Jr. of Laurens was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, kidnapping and failure to stop for blue lights.

After his arrest, Brown was transported to Prisma Greenville Memorial Hospital where he was awaiting surgery as of Tuesday morning, said Clinton Police Chief Sonny Ledda.

Ledda said that once on AB Jacks Road, Brown, 29, stopped the carl, jumped out with hands raised and told officers that he’d shot himself in the leg.

He was arrested without incident and given first aid by police officers on the scene.

On AB Jacks Road He stopped car in front of officers and jumped out with hands raised and said he’d shot himeslf in the leg.

“I’m very thankful that was the outcome,” Ledda said. “He stopped the car, and we went on and handcuffed him and ended up with his arrest.”

According to the police report, Brown had continued to drive by a residence on Bailey Street after assaulting a woman there. The victim told police he had choked her and put a revolver to her head.

CPD officers conducted a traffic stop as Brown continued to ride by the house, but Brown drove away ultimately ending up on AB Jacks Road.

After the arrest, the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) was called to the scene, but found no evidence of police officers involved in the shooting incident.

SLED is called by his department as a matter of protocol in any instance of a shooting, Ledda said.

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