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Prisma Health limits visitation because of COVID case surge

Laurens County Hospital is among those which, starting today, Monday, Aug. 9, is returning to a limited visitation policy because of the increasing COVID-19 infections.

Prisma Health will limit visitation at all hospital and clinical facilities.

Adult inpatients, outpatients and ambulatory pediatric patients will be limited to one visitor. These restrictions also will continue:

  • Visitors must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth (no gaiters or vented masks).
  • Visitors will be screened upon entry. Anyone with possible COVID-19 symptoms cannot visit.
  • Visitors must stay with the patient (not go to the cafeteria, gift shop, etc.). People over age 65 and those with chronic illnesses who are not vaccinated should refrain from visiting.
  • On occasion, visitors should remain with a patient with special needs. Secure approval of attending doctor and administrator for exceptions.

“This measure is essential in the wake of a new surge of hospitalized patients who are very sick with COVID-19. Given the rapid community spread of the Delta variant, the trend is very concerning,” said Dr. Rick Scott, leader of Prisma Health’s COVID-19 response. Between July 7 and August 5 the number of COVID-19 inpatients has risen from 20 to 208 across the Prisma Health system.

“Fewer than half of South Carolinians are fully vaccinated. To turn this around, getting vaccinated is everyone’s best protection and we must work together to prevent infection with masking, hand hygiene and social distancing,” said Dr. Scott.

For detailed information on the current guidelines for all Prisma Health locations, please see Visitor Restrictions.

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