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Governor Kristi Noem Announced As Keynote Speaker for Faith & Freedom BBQ

Laurens SC – U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-3) announced that this year’s special guest for his 10th Annual Faith & Freedom BBQ will be Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota. The event, which will take place on the evening of August 23rd at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center, is known as South Carolina’s largest annual gathering of conservatives and has become a premier political event in the United States.

“I’m excited to be back with countless conservatives from across the southeast to celebrate our faith, our freedom, and the heroes in our communities that have sacrificed to protect our liberties” said Duncan. “Having served with Kristi Noem in Congress, I know first-hand that she is a fighter who believes government was created for the people and that it shouldn’t run our lives. I’m proud to have stood by Kristi to fight burdensome taxes and government intrusion, uphold the Second Amendment and ensure our individual liberties are protected.”

“Kristi is no stranger to the trials every small business owner, rancher and family face. She works tirelessly to cut taxes on her constituents and ensures all South Dakotans are able to fully exercise their God-given rights. During her time in Congress, she helped ensure passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which put money back in the pockets of everyday Americans. Throughout COVID-19, Gov. Noem has been a friend to business owners by ensuring that South Dakota stayed open for business. She has proven herself an advocate for individual rights by banning COVID-19 passports. But above all else, Noem exemplifies a passion for the rule of law and has deployed the South Dakota National Guard to support Texas in quelling the crisis at our Southern border–especially in light of the Biden Administration’s refusal to protect American’s by closing our southern border.”

“I am looking forward to joining Jeff and the commonsense conservatives at the Faith & Freedom BBQ. Standing on conservative beliefs is more than rhetoric for me. Whether cutting taxes, supporting foster homes or ensuring you do not need a COVID-19 passport, it’s time conservatives stand together as we fight for the values that created America–not the values of failed Communist regimes.”

Tickets are $35 per person or $65 per couple. In appreciation for their service, all veterans, guardsmen, first responders, and their families may claim free tickets for the event while supplies last. Tickets may be purchased or claimed online at

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