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Vaccine Dashboard’s early demographics not a surprise in first phase, per DHEC

In a South Carolina DHEC Vaccine Dashboard which launched on Monday, the demographics are showing a much higher rate of vaccines among women than men, and higher numbers of whites than minorities, but State Epidemiologist Linda Bell explained that it’s due to the fact that we’re still in the Phase 1a portion of the vaccination rollout.

“Women hold 70 percent of health care jobs and they make up a higher percentage of  long-term facility residents,” Bell said, explaining that a major portion of Phase 1a is health care and the long term facilities. Bell said  the same reason holds true for the currently low percentage of minorities.
“Once we get more people vaccinated it will help us make better direct correlations with the broader communities,” Bell said.
The SCDHEC Vaccine Dashboard link is
So far 528,394 people in South Carolina have been vaccinated with either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. In Laurens County, 3,289 people have received the vaccine.
DHEC staff continue to recommend that clients get their second dose in the same location as their first dose to verify they are getting the same type of vaccine, and to avoid the possibility of vaccine waste. Bell encouraged everyone to request a second dose appointment at the time of the first dose, and return t the same provider if at all possible, even if the second dose is delayed.
Vaccine shipments to South Carolina have been delayed for two consecutive weeks due to the winter conditions elsewhere in the South and Atlantic States, but nevertheless vaccine clinics are still able to give shots this week.
The distribution hubs for vaccine distribution to the Southeastern states are located in Memphis, Tenn. and in Louisville, Ky., and both have been heavily impacted by two weeks’ worth of severe weather, Bell said.
Last week supply trucks could not get out of either city early and mid-week as planned, but DHEC staff reported that finally a truck was able to leave Louisville and arrived very late last Thursday night, more than 24 hours after many providers had been cancelling appointments due to the lack of vials.
This week DHEC staff were expecting similar delays, according to DHEC’s Senior Deputy for Public Health Nick Davidson.
“A shipment of First Dose vaccine is due today and Thursday a shipment of Second Dose vaccine is expected,” Davidson said mid-afternoon Wednesday, adding that he had no idea if the deliveries would arrive as planned.
Regarding the new Covid-19 Vaccination Dashboard, Davidson said updates will continue to be added on a regular basis.
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