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Post holiday recycling encouraged for city and county

The Laurens County recycling centers will open Friday, but Laurens and Clinton cities were opening theirs on Thursday and Friday.

The Caroline Street recycling center in the City of Laurens will reopen Thursday morning, and Department of Streets and Sanitation Director Kerwin Tribble said people can begin dropping off the

usual recyclables like plastic bottles, newspaper and boxes. It’s located near the District 55 offices on 124 Caroline Street. But don’t forget the numerous Christmas packaging boxes and gift wrap paper which can also be recycled.

Metallic paper and ribbons should not be added to the recycling, and it’s best not to have large amounts of tape.

The recycling center on Gary Street in the City of Clinton will also be open first thing Thursday and Friday. Holiday paper and cardboard are welcome for recycling,  in addition to the other regular items such as glass and  aluminum cans.

Otherwise gift wrap and cardboard boxes are welcome. If not taken to the recycling center, the excess paper and cardboard produced during the holidays can become a problem and cost the cities and the county more at the tipping stations.


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