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Laurens family gets four times the joy with safe delivery of quads

A  young Laurens family is experiencing plenty of  joy after the safe delivery of quadruplets, which were delivered by C-section around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday night, Jan. 30.

Dylan and Ashley Hernandez welcomed two little girls and two little boys, named Jacobi, Gabriel, Isabella and Arianah. The quads already have two big sisters.
After some early labor scares last month, Ashley had been admitted to the hospital on Christmas night to allow physicians to monitor her and give the four babies the best chance. While quads come on average about 29 weeks gestation, ideally the babies are strongest if the quadruplets can be delivered close to 32 weeks. Dylan said Ashley had been doing great the last several weeks and she was able to make it 30 1/2 weeks.
“We had a C-section Wednesday night and at 8:46 pm, 8:47 pm, 8:48 pm and 8:48 pm our Hernandez 4 were introduced into a brand new world,” Dylan posted to friends on Facebook about 24 hours after the babies were delivered. “All is well with all four babies with the exception of needing a little help, short term help, with breathing which is expected with most premature babies.
Dylan said he appreciated the prayer for the babies and for Ashley up to now, and asked for that to continue, just as he has done in earlier stories with The Advertiser.
“Please continue to keep us all in your prayers and say hello to Jacobi, Gabriel, Isabella and Arianah,” he said. “Such a blessing and such an amazing God! 
The couple has a GoFundMe set up for the hospital and other upcoming expenses they’ll be facing as the parents of four brand new babies.

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  1. Jojo King on February 1, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Congrats to all of you, What a Huge Blessing you have been given. If you ever need an xtra hand, inbox me anytime. 🎈🧸

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