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Governor, U.S. District 3 on ballot for voters

South Carolinians will decide Tuesday whether to elect incumbent Henry McMaster as governor for the first time.

McMaster, who ascended to the office two years ago upon Nikki Haley’s resignation to become U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, faces a challenge from Democrat James Smith.

The gubernatorial election is atop a full slate of statewide elections and one ballot question Laurens County voters will be deciding on during Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

For the first time, gubernatorial candidates will be voted for along with running mates for the office of lieutenant governor. Travelers Rest entrepreneur Pamela Evette is running alongside McMaster on the GOP ticket, while Mandy Powers Norrell, an attorney and state legislator from Lancaster, is Smith’s running mate.

Voters are also asked for a “yes or no” vote as to whether the office of state secretary of education should continue to be elected or switched to gubernatorial appointment. A “yes” vote will indicate a vote for the switch to gubernatorial appointment. A “no” vote would mean the office holder would continue to be elected.

Republican incumbent Molly Spearman is running unopposed for a second term as secretary of education. Democrat Israel Romero filed for the race but has “unofficially withdrawn,” according to reports.

Here are other statewide elections to be contested Tuesday, Nov. 6:

Secretary of State

Mark Hammond (R) – incumbent

Melvin T. Whittenburg (D)


Rosalyn L. Glenn (D)

Curtis Loftis (R) – incumbent

Attorney General

Constance Anastopoulo (D)

Alan Wilson (R) – incumbent

Comptroller General

Richard Eckstrom (R) – incumbent

Agriculture Commissoner

David Edmond (Green)

Chris Nelums (United Citizens)

Hugh Weathers (R) – incumbent


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