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Insurance Blog: Clinton ‘fastest’ city in U.S.

A blog at, a website that quotes car insurance rates for drivers, compiled a ranking of the “fastest cities” in the U.S., and Clinton is ranked at the top of the list.

Statistics provided by say that 23.64 percent of Clinton residents responding to questions at the website have at least one speeding ticket on their driving records.

That percentage ranks Clinton ahead of Greenwood, Indiana, an Indianapolis suburb, at 21.94 percent and Seaford, Delaware at 20.59 percent.

Clinton Public Safety Chief Robin Morse said he’ll view being atop the list as a source of pride for his officers.

“That means we’ve got good officers out there doing their jobs,” he said.

According to the website, the rankings are based on a set of 1.4 million applications for car insurance. Each shopper was asked whether any drivers on their respective applications had been ticketed for speeding over the past seven years. From there, Insurify calculated the percentage of shoppers in each city with a history of speeding violations.

Morse said Clinton Public Safety officers handed out 1,471 tickets in 2017 with around 250 of those written for speeding or reckless driving.

Clinton was the second-smallest city to make the list with a population of 8,503, according to census numbers quotes by the website. Third-ranked Seaford was the smallest city with a population of 7,750. Lincoln, Nebraska was the largest city on the list with a population of 284,736. Lincoln was ranked No. 20 with 15.87 percent of its drivers with speeding tickets.

Morse looked lightheartedly at the rankings, but said he was serious about the job his officers do on a daily basis.

He also doesn’t want Clinton to become known as a speed-trap town. He said his officers could set up in some areas and write more tickets, but doesn’t believe that to be the best use of his officers’ time and effort.

“I’m very cautious about becoming a speed trap,” Morse said. “If you’re speeding, we’ll deal with it, but we don’t want to be a speed trap.

After the speeding tickets from 2017 were adjudicated, 201 of the charges were for less than 10 m.p.h. over the posted limits and 32 were for more than 10 m.p.h. over but less than 25 m.p.h. over.

Morse said his officers do not patrol the small portion of I-26 that is inside the Clinton City Limits.

“I leave that to the Highway Patrol,” he said.

Here is the complete list of Top 20 of the “fastest” cities in the U.S. from (with percentages of respondents with speeding tickets and population):

  1. Clinton, South Carolina (23.64 percent, pop. 8,503).
  2. Greenwood, Indiana (21.94 percent, pop. 57,375).
  3. Seaford, Delaware (20.59 percent, pop. 7,750).
  4. Kenosha, Wisconsin (20.36 percent, pop. 99,877).
  5. Kennewick, Washington (20.19 percent, pop. 81,607).
  6. Gillette, Wyoming (19.9 percent, pop. 30,560)
  7. Roswell, New Mexico (19.05 percent, pop. 47,775).
  8. West Jordan, Utah (18.92 percent, pop. 113,905).
  9. Meridian, Ohio (18.45 percent, pop. 99,926).
  10. Portsmouth, Virginia (18.45 percent, pop. 94,572).
  11. Canton, Ohio (18.11 percent, pop. 70,909).
  12. Des Moines, Iowa (18.1 percent, pop. 217,521).
  13. Parker, Colorado (17.6 percent, pop. 54,202).
  14. Wetumpka, Alabama (17.51 percent, pop. 8,148).
  15. Lee’s Summit, Missouri (17.42 percent, pop. 97,290).
  16. Lawrence, Kansas (17.33 percent, pop. 96,892).
  17. Grovetown, Georgia (16.9 percent, pop. 14,109).
  18. Johnson City, Tennessee (16.18 percent, pop. 66,391).
  19. Jacksonville, North Carolina (15.88 percent, pop. 72,447).
  20. Lincoln, Nebraska (15.87 percent, pop. 284,736).


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