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Chihuahuas found in Gray Court residence after arrest

As many as 30 Chihuahuas are being taken in by Laurens County Animal Control after their owner was arrested this past week in Gray Court.

Timothy Edward Glassford, of Kennedy Road in Gray Court, was arrested Thursday and charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

After the arrest, the dogs were discovered living in the home.

“We found one dog dead and a bunch of Chihuahuas in the house,” said LCAC Director Giles Gilmer. “We don’t know exactly how many yet. We haven’t really been in there because of the stench and how nasty it is.”

Gilmer said his officers have left food and water for the dogs and have left a door open so they can go from the residence to a fenced-in yard. LCAC officers are to return with safety gear this morning to round up the dogs.

“Apparently, this has been going on for a while,” Gilmer said. “We just got wind of it Friday.”

Timothy Glassford

Gilmer said the LCAC will pursue felony animal cruelty charges against Glassford.

In February, 15 Chihuahua carcasses were discovered by a passerby in Gray Court near Bryson Ford Road, which is less than 15 minutes from the Kennedy Road residence.

According to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, investigators have made no connection to the February incident, but do plan to question Glassford about the incident in February. Then, Gray Court resident Mickey Fortin, who discovered the dead dogs, said it was as if the dogs had been “executed.”

LCSO Capt. Robert Wilkie said investigators will look to question Glassford about the dead dogs found in February.

Gilmer posted on Facebook Thursday, saying that 13 dogs and four one-to-two-week old puppies have been taken in by LCAC. Others have avoided LCAC officers and have yet to be taken in, he said.

The LCAC is looking for rescues for all of the dogs.

“Right now, we have about six kennels left, and I don’t know how many this will take,” he said.

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  1. Mickey Spillane on September 12, 2018 at 10:18 pm

    I truly hope you rot in a cell for years and think about your dastardly deeds you coward…. I am the one who found your dogs and promised them JUSTICE…

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