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3 arrested in burglary after I-385 car chase

Left, Toby Horne; top right Darrell Ellason; bottom right Nikki Gerber Fields.

Three arrests were made Tuesday in connection with a burglary following a car chase that ended with a crash on I-385.

Toby Christopher Horne, Nikki Gerber Fields and Darrell Scott Ellason were taken into custody by the Laurens Count Sheriff’s Office following the interstate chase. Charges are pending as the trio was taken to the Johnson Detention Center.

The LCSO began investigating the alleged theft of a utility trailer and four-wheel all-terrain vehicle from a Clinton residence. According to the LCSO, a friend of the victim spotted the stolen trailer being pulled by a older model Dodge Dakota pickup and reported the sighting to the LCSO. Deputies located the pickup and trailer on Whelon Road in Laurens, but the driver of the vehicle fled when a traffic stop was initiated.

Horne, the alleged driver of the vehicle fled toward Gray Court and entered I-385 in the wrong lane, driving against oncoming traffic. According to the LCSO, deputies then backed off the chase and attempted to warn other drivers on I-385.

The report said that Horne lost control of the Dodge pickup, which was stolen out of Spartanburg County, and collided with another vehicle. Horne then attempted to flee on foot, but was apprehended by deputies.

“It’s a miracle no one was killed by these thugs,” said Laurens County Sheriff’ Don Reynolds. “They put everyone on the roadway in danger, and we’re thankful no one was seriously injured. We intend to keep these criminals behind bars where they belong, so hopefully they won’t be a danger to anyone else in the future.”


  1. Velvet tucker on May 16, 2018 at 7:32 am

    Toby Christopher Horne, Nikki Gerber & Scott Ellison r not thugs and r not dangerous people. Toby Christopher Horne was just dealt a bad card in life he is a very loving catering man & daddy. Scott Ellison also he loves people and will give the shirt off there backs, give there last penny to some1 in need. Both men will bend over backwards to help any1 in need. Yes it’s wrong what they were doin but what every1 is saying about them also is WRONG.

    • NoMo on May 16, 2018 at 6:48 pm

      They’ll give you their shirt then steal another one! THUGS! Put them back in jail and lose the key!

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