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Undercover drug sting leads to 2 arrests



A month-long undercover operation by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office ended Monday with the arrests of two men charged with bringing marijuana from Colorado to distribute in Laurens County.

Samuel David McGlohon, 43, and Brandon Reshod Powers, 31, both of Laurens, were both charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana after being arrested with more than two pounds of marijuana, approximately 40 grams of TCH wax, vape pens containing TCH oil, more than $4,000 in cash, a handgun, a stolen rifle and a stolen car.

The marijuana allegedly in the possession of McGlohon and Powers came from Colorado, where marijuana sales are legal, police said.

“During our investigation we learned that some of the individuals involved in this operation were frequently traveling to Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal,” said LCSO Sheriff Don Reynolds in a release. “They were purchasing the drugs in Colorado and bringing them back to South Carolina to be distributed within our community. I want to be very clear about this – marijuana is not legal in South Carolina and selling drugs in Laurens County will not be tolerated.”

Reynolds said the THC levels in the marijuana is higher than in most other instances found here.

“This is coming from professionals, and the THC levels are alarmingly higher,” he said. “The BHO wax has extremely high levels of THC, which could cause all kinds of problems for someone consuming these products, especially young people and children. Advocates of marijuana argue that it’s a harmless drug, but as you can see from what we confiscated during this operation, illegal drugs, stolen property and firearms go hand in hand.”

The release from the LCSO stated that the department expects more related arrests in the case.

McGlohon and Powers were booked into the Johnson Detention Center Monday and were subsequently released on bond.

“If you chose to deal illegal drugs in Laurens County, we will aggressively pursue you and will request the Solicitors Office to swiftly and aggressively prosecute you,” Reynolds said.

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