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Speaker at free LCHCF dinner to address depression, suicide

The Laurens County Health Care Foundation is hosting its annual dinner free of charge this Thursday evening, Jan.11, in order to give the public an opportunity to hear from a speaker who addresses the tough topics of depression and suicide.

“The dinner is at 6 p.m. at the Mabry Smith Yonce Center at Presbyterian College,” said Skye Todd, the executive director of the Laurens County Health Care Foundation. “Anyone can come and hear our speaker, Dennis Gillan, who addresses the topics of depression, suicide and his story of loss and recovery.”
Dennis Gillan, the featured speaker, will be telling his personal story of how his family was shaken by depression and suicide and his own recovery after years of hiding from the mental health issues in his family.
“Dennis has made it his mission to reverse the current trends of completed suicide, especially among young people,” Todd said. Gillan is a South Carolina resident who serves on the board for his local area chapter of the American Society for Suicide Prevention.
The dinner begins at 6 p.m. and should be completely finished by 8 p.m., Todd said. Donations to the LCHCF will be accepted, they  are not required to attend the dinner and hear this important speaker, she added.
For more information about the dinner, contact Todd at 864-981-1959. Mabry Smith Yonce is located beside Templeton gymnasium at 105 Ashland Dr.,Clinton.

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