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Green takes stand in Diaz murder trial


Accused murderer Fabian Green testified in his own defense Thursday evening after prosecutors presented a letter they deemed a jailhouse confession in the killing of Edwin Diaz-Chirinos last year.

Closing statements in the trial are expected Friday morning before the case is handed over to the jury.

Green is one of three people charged with murder and desecration of human remains in the death of Diaz. Green’s cousin, Davian Holman, and former girlfriend, Karina Galarza, are awaiting trial in the Johnson Detention Center.

In a confiscated letter he attempted to pass to another Johnson Detention Center inmate, Green appeared to admit to his role in the death of Diaz, who prosecutors say was lured to Galarza’s home in Laurens and bludgeoned to death on Mother’s Day (May 8) of 2016. His body was found 18 days later in a remote area near Clinton.

The letter, written in slang or what might be referred to as Ebonics, implied that Diaz molested Galarza as she slept at a party and how the couple enticed the Laurens District High School senior to Galarza’s residence. Green wrote that when Diaz arrived, he attacked Diaz, but on the witness stand late Thursday, Green said the letter was written in order to stop harassment and bullying from other prisoners at the detention center.

Green, who testified against the advice of legal counsel, said that he is a writer and avid reader of urban fantasy fiction, and that inspired the content of the letter.

“I thought if people thought I was crazy, they’d leave me alone,” said Green, dressed in a dark suit as he had been for the duration of the trial. “I wanted to seem to be a vicious thug to make people quit talking to me.”

Green also said he had considered suicide several times since being incarcerated. He was denied bond after his arrest in late May of last year. “I been on suicide watch because I thought my life was over with,” he said.

When cross-examined by 8th Circuit Deputy Solicitor Warren Mowry, Green said neither he nor the other two suspects in the murder were at Galarza’s residence on May 8, 2016, when Diaz was believed to be killed. He said all three were at a cookout at his grandmother’s residence and did not return to Galarza’s home until around 7 a.m. on Monday, May 9. Green also rebutted the earlier testimony of Willie and Olivia Williams, a Clinton couple who testified that Green and Holman came to their home the night of May 8 and asked for lighter fluid or alcohol.

During its investigation SLED discovered blood on floor tiles, tile grout and one sample on a china cabinet that undoubtedly belonged to Diaz, “a 1 in 38 quadrillion” chance of certainty, according to SLED Special Agent Adrian Hefney.

Green also claimed that he did not know Diaz or how his blood came to be in Galarza’s house. “I didn’t even know who he is,” Green said. “I’d never seen him a day in my life.”

Under cross-examination, Green said even if Galarza had cheated with Diaz, he would not have been jealous or murderous.

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