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Bishop wins Cross Hill mayor race, Jones is top vote getter for council

Long-time Cross Hill town councilman Randy Bishop was elected the town’s mayor in Tuesday night’s election, which also seated two new council members along with two incumbents.

Bishop defeated political newcomer Bobby Kersey, 69-10, earning 85.2 percent of the mayoral vote.

Newcomer Beverly Lindsay Jones was the top vote getter among six people vying for four seats on town council. Jones received 70 votes (25.2 percent), followed by incumbent Charles Bartee with 63 votes (22.7 percent), incumbent David Coleman with 52 votes (18.7 percent) and Brett Davis with 49 votes (17.6 percent).

Robin Whiteford-Quinton and Malachi Dressel received 23 and 20 votes, respectively.

In total, 76 of Cross Hill’s 328 register voters cast ballots in Tuesday night’s election.

Precincts in Waterloo and Gray Court were unopened for the election as none of the races were contested. In Gray Court, councilwomen Millie Anderson Dawkins and Rose Malea Merck ran unopposed while Mayor Barbara Smith was unchallenged in Waterloo along with councilmen Murry Jones Jr. and Curtis Jerome Todd.

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