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LDHS student in fight to face charges as adult

A Laurens District 55 High School student who allegedly injured another with a knife during an early morning incident Tuesday in the school gym will be charged as an adult, according to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office.

The student who instigated the incident has been charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and possession of a weapon on school property. According to additional information provided by Laurens District 55, that student was transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia Tuesday and was awaiting a bond hearing.

Three Laurens District High School Students were involved in a pre-class fight around 7:45 Tuesday morning that ended with one student with a cut on her shoulder, which did not require stitches.

According to the District 55 release, parents of the two girls did not want to press charges.

A video of the fight showed one girl leaving the bleachers and chasing another around the LDHS gym. A student off camera is heard saying, “she’s got a knife.”

A third girl suffered what Laurens District 55 officials termed a “small cut” on her shoulder. She was treated by the school nurse.

The girl allegedly brandishing the knife was tackled by a member of the LDHS staff before she could get to the other female.

The staff member was unidentifiable on the video, but Laurens School District 55 Superintendent Dr. Stephen Peters sent a Tweet later in the after noon praising LDHS Softball Coach Butch Clark.

“Thank you Coach Clark for going above and beyond the call of duty this morning at LDHS. You are truly appreciated sir,” the Tweet read.

Peters said the from what he gathered today, the two girls were involved in a disagreement of some sort this past weekend, and it spilled over into Tuesday morning.

“She will also face the stiffest penalty we can give out,” Peters said.

According to District 55 spokesman Edward Murray, the School Resource Officer was on hand, but no other law-enforcement officials were called to the scene.  The three students were taken to the school office for “appropriate disciplinary action.”

“The district office was notified of the incident and Assistant Superintendent George Ward was dispatched to the scene to ensure the safety and tranquility of the school environment. There are no ongoing safety issues at this time,” Murray said in a release.

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